Varna City Guide
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Varna City Guide

This book was born on a cold and wet winter in London when I really missed the sea. I have always loved to travel and document the things I see, so naturally I came up with the idea to write and illustrate a travel guide. But which city should it be?

I thought the best place to start is my own hometown, where I have spend most of my life – The coastal Varna in Bulgaria. 

I stocked on brushes, pens and pains and started to experiment. 


The first stage was to create little thumbnails with ideas for each page.

Drawing cars can be quite fun!

The stack of sketches was growing each day so I had to start storing them somehow. 

Discovering little gems in the old greek quarter.

First three stages until the final result. 

Drawing beach bodies in winter makes me really excited for the summer. 


The final stage – editing all the drawings on Photoshop and finishing them with a graphic tablet (the tabletWacoom Intuos Pro Medium is sponsored by University of Westminster and the 125 Fund)

Now everything is finished, its time for the dummy book. 

Cover tests! The second one is our winner.


And the big moment! I can finally hold the physical copy in my hands!

Take a look at the opening show where I presented my book for the first time here.